IEEE Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects Conference

JULY 18-22, 2022

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REDW-2021 Author Instructions

Congratulations on the acceptance of your summary for presentation at the 2021 IEEE Radiation Effects Data Workshop. I look forward to work with you as we take your contribution through presentation at the Workshop and the publication process for the Workshop Record. This letter will discuss several issues relevant to the Workshop and the Workshop Record. Let's start with the REDW publication schedule.

REDW-2021 Publication Schedule

Submit draft paper (prior to conference) Before July 16, 2021
Attend REDW Session July 22, 2021 12:30–14:30 EDT
Submit final paper and copyright form Before November 1, 2021

Please note there are several Viewing Session scheduled throughout the virtual conference which will give you plenty of time to scan the DW posters. Only during the July 22nd session the authors will be available for live chats.

Poster Instructions:

Poster guidelines for your poster presentation are provided on the NSREC website. Please adhere closely to these requirements. Please note that because we are going virtual, we will notify you about a Town Hall day to walk you through the process about how poster will need to be pre-recorded. As you probably know, there will be no further peer review of the final printed copy of your REDW paper. However, I will review each Workshop paper for editorial correctness before submission to IEEE for publication. Technical content is not the primary consideration for this review. I will work with the individual authors in case changes are needed. These changes will need crisp execution because of the tight publication deadline.

Paper Instructions:

For the purpose of editorial review, you may submit the draft paper to me via email. The softcopy paper may be in Microsoft Word (or something readable by Word) or LaTex. The draft must be formatted in the final state for this submission. Please use the template from the IEEE website: Final formatting will be done by you. All figures are to be inserted in the paper prior to submission of the draft. This is a simple editing step to provide grammatical and/or other editorial feedback. The page limit for REDW documents is eight pages. You may request more pages if you have significant data to provide or another compelling reason. There is no requirement to use all the pages, so shorter papers are also welcome. The graphics must be embedded as described in the template. I would like to have your draft submissions as soon as possible, but no later than October 2. Please send your draft submission to Helmut Puchner at your earliest convenience via email to Your final paper is November 1st. IEEE has setup a web site for online submission of your final paper for inclusion the REDW Record publication.The IEEE website is: Please note: 45046X is in the Conference ID field. Please create your own account and upload the final paper. Please feel free to give me a call or send an email if you have questions. I will acknowledge each submission. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email back please call me since the email could have been blocked by our corporate spam filter. Best regards, Helmut Puchner REDW Session Chairman Telephone: +1 408-507-2006 Email: Helmut Puchner, PhD VP Fellow A&D Infineon Memory Solutions 198 Champion Ct, San Jose CA95134 USA