Information for Radiation Effects Data Workshop Authors

Information for Radiation Effects Data Workshop authors

Poster preparation for the NSREC conference

The REDW uses a poster presentation format for all papers. Authors are expected to be present at their posters during the entire REDW session to discuss their work with conference attendees. The REDW session will be held Thursday afternoon. Authors are requested to assemble their posters on Tuesday morning and are encouraged to leave them in place through the end of the conference on Friday. At that time, they must be taken down by the authors. Poster boards and push pins will be provided by the conference.

Developing an effective poster presentation is challenging. Great care is needed to ensure that the visual information can be easily read and interpreted. Fonts should be readable from several feet away. Posters must be prepared in landscape format and the usable surface is approximately 91.25 inches (wide) x 44.25 inches (tall) (or 2.3 m x 1 m).

Final paper submissions to the Data Workshop records

Authors are also expected to submit a full-length paper (8 page maximum) for publication in the 2023 REDW. This paper is not peer-reviewed. The proceedings are edited by the REDW Chair (Andrea Coronetti) and by IEEE for final publication formatting. The REDW Chair may send to the authors custom instructions in advance of the final submission date. Authors are requested to follow the template for IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science publicationsfor the preparation of their full-length papers. Further instructions for submission to IEEE are available at the REDW paper submission website. This is also the website for final submission of the paper to the REDW records. All final paper submissions must be completed by July 21st, 2023. By that date, authors are also requested to submit a copyright form to IEEE. This can be done through the author dashboard on this same website. The REDW record will be published in IEEExplore in Q4 2023.