Radiation Effects Awards Nomination

IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society


Purpose of the Award:

The purpose of the award is to recognize members of the Radiation Effects Community who have had a sustained history of outstanding and innovative technical contributions and/or leadership contributions to the Radiation Effects Community but who may not have been honored by receiving other IEEE awards such as a Merit Award, the Shea Award, or an IEEE Medal. It is also the intent of the RESG to give special consideration for this award to members of the community who are IEEE/NPSS members.

Basis of the Award:

  1. A substantial, long-term history of technical contributions that have had major impact on the Radiation Effects Community.  Examples include: benchmark work that initiated major research and development activities or a major body of work that provided a solution to a widely recognized problem in radiation effects.
  2. A demonstrated long-term history of outstanding and innovative leadership contributions in support of the Radiation Effects Community.  Examples include: initiation or development of innovative approaches for promoting cooperation and exchange of technical information among members or outstanding leadership in support of the professional development of the members of the Radiation Effects Community.
History of the Radiation Effects Award
1998 Edward Burke 2007 Reno Harboe-Sorenson
1989 S. Clay Rogers 2008 Mayrant Simons
1992 Bobby Buchanan 2009 Nick van Vanno
1993 William E. Price 2010 Clive Dyer
1994 Itsu Arimura 2011 Lew Cohn
*1995 Joseph Pinel 2012 David Alexander
*1995 Robert L. Gregory 2013 Dale G. Platteter
1996 Robert S. Caldwell 2014 Janet Barth
1997 Robert E. McCoskey 2015 Cheryl J. Marshall
1998 Edward L. Peterson 2016 Jean-Luc Leray
1999 James P. Raymond 2017 Ronald L. Pease
2000 E. G. Stassinopoulos 2018 Rokutaro (Rocky) Koga
2001 Andrew Holmes-Siedle 2019 Gary Lum
2002 Kenneth F. Galloway 2020 Philippe Calvel
2003 Klaus G. Kerris 2021 Lloyd Massengill
2004 James L. Ramsey 2022 Michael Xapsos
2005 Jean Gasiot 2023 Ken LaBel
2006 Dennis Brown

*Two awards were given in 1995; none in 1990 and 1991.

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