Technical Committee 2023

Technical Chair

Technical Chair

Jonathan “Jonny” Pellish

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Technical Committee

The NSREC technical committee is made up of volunteers from the radiation effects community all over the world.  The technical sessions and their chairpersons are:

Basic Mechanisms of Radiation Effects

Chair: Ani Khachatrian, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory


Chair: Richard Sharp, Radtest Ltd.

Hardness Assurance—Piece Parts to Systems and Testing Approaches

Chair: Courtney Matzkind, Missile Defense Agency

Hardening by Design

Chair: Paula Chen, AMD, Inc.

Radiation Effects in Devices and Integrated Circuits 

Chair: Rudy Ferraro, CERN

Photonic Devices and Integrated Circuits 

Chair: George Tzintzarov, The Aerospace Corporation

Single-Event Effects: Mechanisms and Modeling 

Chair: Jason Osheroff, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Single-Event Effects: Devices and Integrated Circuits 

Chair: Françoise Bezerra, CNES

Space and Terrestrial Environments 

Chair: Scott Messenger, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Radiation Effects Data Workshop

Chair: Andrea Coronetti, CERN

Poster Session

Chair: Jeff George, Los Alamos National Laboratory