FLARE is the Brightest Neutron Source for Radiation Effects Testing: Hosted in a fully licensed facility for a superior customer experience, our state-of-the-art radiation effects testing service delivers the industry’s highest 14 MeV neutron fluence to test and assess survivability of mission-critical microelectronics and other components in relevant neutron environments for our defense and space partners. Our dedicated deuterium-tritium (DT) gas target neutron source, developed over the last decade, delivers a neutron flux up to 4e9 n/cm2/s. The Fusion Linear Accelerator for Radiation Effects (FLARE) is the flagship radiation hardening facility under the SHINE Radiation Testing suite of capabilities including: Broad Spectrum Neutron Irradiation, Fusion (14 MeV) Spectrum Neutron Irradiation, Low Energy Spectrum Neutron Irradiation, and Fission Spectrum Neutron Irradiation.